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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Time Flies

Hello to all of our RSC Key members! Our latest blog post comes from one of our Marketing Interns, Emily Milward, who tells us all about her time working with us on the Marketing Work Placement.

A big hello to all the lovely RSC Key members! 

I’m writing this post as, unfortunately, my six month internship here is coming to a close. Time flies when you’re having fun! It hardly seems a week ago when I was getting excited at seeing the position advertised on the Royal Shakespeare Company’s website.

Applying for this internship has been one of the best decisions of my life. When I first kindled my love of theatre as a little girl, I would have never dreamed I’d be in with a chance of working for the RSC by the time I was 21.

I’ve met lots of friendly and interesting people while working here – ranging from my friendly co-workers in the Marketing Department, to our enthusiastic theatre-goers. My range of duties has been so vast, I’ve really had chance to take in many different skills. I’ve had a taste of all the diverse aspects of the Marketing Department (literally! The RSC Key sweets are delicious), from audience insight to copywriting, proofreading to RSC Key brand promotion at University Freshers' Fairs, I’ve genuinely enjoyed every assignment. I’ve even taken the everyday tasks of box carrying and cart pushing as a work out opportunity!

 Emily Milward promoting the RSC Key to students at the
University of Birmingham Freshers' Fair in September 2013

But, my placement as an intern hasn’t just given me the chance to shadow my co-workers' jobs.  And more importantly, it’s not a ‘get the tea and coffee for everyone’ kind of internship. Uniquely, I’ve been given the opportunity to take on my own project. My personal interests were taken into account - I’m a colossal book nerd, and I love writing. So, I was assigned the individual task of reading two upcoming plays and creating short synopses for The Roaring Girl and The Arden of Faversham. That’s right: I can now proudly say that my written work is on the RSC’s website!

I could go on for pages and pages about my time here. I’ve been the envy of my friends, attending Press Night Parties and star-spotting (cough, David Tennant, cough). But I’ll just leave you with this… I’ve worn my red RSC lanyard with pride over the past six months. It really has been a valuable and treasured experience, which I am sad to see come to an end. Believe me; I will go on to brag about working here for many years to come.

For more information, read about the Marketing Work Placement.

Emily Milward

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