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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Young People's Forum - 20th April

On a gorgeous sunny evening outside the Swan Theatre the RSC Young People’s Forum met to discuss all things RSC. All thirty-something of us introduced ourselves, and it was great to see new faces and those who’d been before.

The first discussion topic was what the next RSC Key competition should be. The first idea was creative writing. Some were in favour of this, others thought it might be too narrow. It spurred a lot of other suggestions including visual art options, multimedia and a more open creative competition allowing RSC Key members to use whatever creative skills they have.

From this discussion developed ideas of running sessions at the RSC prior to competitions, in creative writing or multimedia or another area, in order to enable all members to feel they can enter. And on a side note, we all agreed that we would be interested in sessions about the work of different departments at the RSC, such as Marketing.

The next discussion topic was an ambassador scheme, with the idea of having some Forum members representing the RSC Key in different venues, including schools and universities. We talked about how many there should be and how to become an ambassador.

Finally, a question was raised about the name of the Forum, whether it should stay the RSC Young People’s Forum – a little lengthy – or have a new title called the RSC Key Forum – a little sharper.

All discussion topics will be developed in the next couple of months, so keep checking Facebook, Twitter and the Blog for future information!

Jude Evans, 22

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