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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Keeping a Blog by Jude Evans

I began my ‘Book Blog’ towards the end of 2010, after having kept other blogs over the past couple of years. With this new blog I’ve finally found my niche. Keeping this blog allows me to channel my passion for literature into something productive. I’m able to keep up what I love doing – combining my love of reading and watching novels and poetry, films and theatre productions, with my love of analysing literature. My blog is also a space for me to keep a record of all that I read and see, and to develop my skills as a writer. Friends and family are also able to read about what I’ve been doing – and I don’t need to chew their ears off about the latest book I’ve read!

Having blogged for the past couple of years, and having read the blogs of others, it seems a brilliant thing to do. It’s your own space to write about pretty much whatever you want, and to be creative in designing it. It can range from being a journal-type blog, a literature-based blog (Dan Hutton's theatre blog is fantastic), to one charting a personal project (take a peek at Samantha Edwards’ ‘Bard-a-thon’). A lot of bloggers, and indeed non-bloggers, enjoy reading and discovering other people’s blogs (it’s amazing the variety out there). Ultimately, blogging is fun, and it can be a really satisfying thing to do!

You can take a peek at my blog at:

Jude Evans, age 22

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