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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Being a Marketing Intern at the RSC by Emma Dodd

Hi Blog readers and RSC Key Members, I’m Emma and I am just finishing my Marketing Internship at The Royal Shakespeare Company. The new set will start in April and the vacancies are now listed on the website, so check it out here:
If you want to know a little bit about the kind of things you might get to do and what the experience is like then here is my quick summary of what it was like to be an RSC Marketing intern:
 My role revolved around 16-25 Audience Development and I got the chance to be responsible for my own individual project (developing the RSC Key Forum) and lots of other fun things to promote ‘The RSC Key’ and the RSC’s productions in general. A few of you may have met me or one of the other interns at Fresher’s Fairs where we got loads of contacts so we could reach as many people as possible with our discounts and events. Me and Ellie also got to be ‘Maltilda’s Mates’, promoting the show locally by taking bookmarks and print around to local Stratford businesses so as many people as possible would get the Matilda ‘bug’! 
 I also developed and led the Forum which was used to communicate with our younger audiences and find out the best ways to reach them with our RSC Key Scheme. I put a lot of thought and effort into planning them, but never thought I would get to lead them on my own! It is a great opportunity to find out what people in the 16-25 age group actually want from the theatre and to use this to develop events, and also create things like the newsletter and this blog.
It was an unbeatable experience getting to be creative and learn from this awe-inspiring company, and it is so satisfying to see all of the ideas I had actually coming into being.  I think we have started to reach out to the younger generation of  RSC fans and are finding the community of people out there who love to see great theatre (at cheap prices!). But it’s time to hand the baton on and who wants to take continue the challenge...?!

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