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Monday, 13 December 2010

Daniel Douglas talks to our new Restaurant Manager

Chatting Up In The Air

Restaurant manager David Williams talks about the RSC Rooftop Restaurant
by Daniel Douglas

David, let's get straight to the juicy bits. Tell us about the menu.
Well, we wanted to offer something a bit different to people: unusual tastes, exciting combinations. There are some great, quirky, innovative things on there. As for the cuisine, it needed to be British really. We're not in France, afterall. There are traditional elements that we've tried to revitalise, as well as the best in modern British cooking. Our aim is to source as much as possible locally, to offer seasonal produce, and to bring out the fullest of flavours in everything we cook. The fixed price menu will be changing every four to six weeks, and the dining room menu every few months.

If you were eating here tonight, what would you have?
I think maybe the Middle White Pork – it's phenomenal. The Middle White is a breed of pig that was famous prior to the Second World War for its superior taste, and was very popular. It went out of circulation during the war, where meat rationing led to a quantity over quality approach to breeding. The meat is wonderfully tender, and it melts in your mouth.

You look very suave and sophisticated sitting in that armchair with the low lighting– very bond villain.
Haha. Thank you very much. There is an area here with sofas and armchairs, and a relaxed feel, perhaps for a pre-theatre drink, or some snacks, or a coffee. The main restaurant area is also very stylish I think. We tried to make it intimate, and softly lit. The relic wall has been retained, an homage to the old, and splits the restaurant in two. This complements the modern furniture, decor, crockery and glassware chosen. Like everything else, the setting is a fusion of old and new.

I came here about a month ago with some friends, and I must say everybody thought that the food, drink, and service were all fantastic.
Thank you very much. We've received a lot of feedback from customers, and generally it's been very favourable. There's something for everyone. Tender, succulent slow-roasted meat for the carnivores, unusual cuts such as pork cheek for the adventurous, curious combinations like rosemary syrup and beer sorbet, sticky toffee pudding if you're feeling traditional, chocolate mousse with tangerine compote for the sweet-toothed.

What did you learn from that feedback? Is there anything you think you need to work on?
The restaurant is still developing, and we are working on lots of different things. One is the lack of choice for vegetarians – there is only one option currently – and hopefully that will be rectified with our next menu change. Many people, including me, love the atmosphere and being able to hear some of the sounds of the theatre as they dine: the bustle, the noise, the laughter, and so on.

Anything to say specifically to RSC Key members?
Yes, there is something for every taste, and every budget here. It's possible to spend a lot of money here if you so wish, but the fixed price menu is only £14.95 for two courses, or £17.95 for three courses. And don't forget, RSC Key members get 10% off all food and drink.

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